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Lucy Zhao graduated to become a Doctor of Chinese Medine back in 1983 in China and worked for the next 15 years at Anshan General hospital as a doctor before deciding to come to the UK to practice her skills in acupuncture in 2003.


She has had her own practice in Four Oaks since 2007 where until this website she relied on word of mouth and recommendation to help build her succesful practice.



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Back, neck or shoulder pain? Sciatica?  Accupuncture can help!

Lucy specialises in helping sufferes of back, shoulder or neck pain to recover where conventional medicine has repeatedly failed to treat the illness and merely helps to masks the pain.  


Through acupuncture Lucy helps to rebalance the body and treats the cause of the problem, which if left can deterioate into more serious conditions.

TCM, accupressure,

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for migraine, hay fever, tendinitis, arthritis, skin problems and eczema.

TCM, acupuncture, herbalist, herbs of china

Our Philosophy


At Herbs of China, Lucy is the third generation of Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Acupuncture is key to the ancient, time-tested healing system of Chinese Medicine having been practiced for more than 3000 years –


Modern science proves that acupuncture stimulates the brain to produce endorphins the bodies natural pain relievers keeping you well, not just treating your disease or ailment. Acupuncture approaches the treatment of the patient as a whole person, not a collection of parts.


With acupuncture, the Doctor will see if your body is in balance or if there is likely to be a problem which, if left untreated, could deteriorate into a more serious condition. 


The common misconception is that acupuncture is just about having needles inserted into the body for the relief of pain, this is only one facet of the art of acupuncture. 


Dr. Lucy is dedicated to the highest standard of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. 


Acupuncture for Weight loss, Menopause, Period Pain, irregular periods?

acupuncture for womens health, four oaks, sutton coldfield, herbs of china

Results & Recovery


Lucy specialises in womens probems and can help with irregualr periods, period pain and the monopause.  The best course of action is to contact Lucy directly by email or phone and she will advise if she can help.

Results & Recovery


If you suffer from recurring migraine or are under stress which conventional medicine has failed to tackle - its time to try the alternative.  Take a look at the testimonials page to see un edited comments from very satisfied customers.


Acupuncture in sutton coldfield

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