Lucy (Yu) Zhao was born in Anshan in the Lioaning province of Northern China and is one of four children.   She graduated from Liaoning Medical University (LMU) as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine 1983 and is actually the third generation of Doctor of Chinese Medicine in her family, so you could say it's in the blood.


After that she graduated she worked in Anshan General hospital as a doctor for the next 15 years.  Her extended family still live in Anshan and Lucy travels back to see them as often as her career allows. She has a mother of 80 plus and three brothers who all still line in Aoshan.


In 2003 as things were somewhat unsettled in China, Lucy decided to bring her unusual skills to the west and subsequently moved to Birmingham where she still lives with her family.  Initially when she arrived she worked in Coventry for the first three years as a TCM Doctor before starting her own practice in Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield.  


She moved to Mere Green, Four Oaks in 2007 and has steadily built her practice based solely on word of mouth and having happy customers who have recommend her to friends.  She moved to larger more comfortable premises just down from St James's Church on Mere Green Road (where she has off street parking outside the practice) at the beginning of 2017.


Lucy is definitely the genuine article when it comes to acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  


Below is a list of the problems Lucy can help with - its not a difinitive list but it gives a good guide as to the type of issue she can relieve.  If your problem isn't listed its still worth sending Lucy a message to see if she can help.


Back pain.


Neck pain & whiplash injury. 

Perianal fistulas.

Pilonidal sinus.


Shoulder pain/frozen shoulder.



Carpal tunnel.


Weight Loss

Erectile Dysfunction




Various different skin problems including common ones such as eczema and acne.  General womens problems such as period pain, irregular periods and menopause.  Weight lose help through acupuncture, herbal medicine and diet advice.



If you are in any doubt as to whether acupuncture is for you - fill out the request a consultation form and submit it, please include as much information as you feel relevant and then Lucy will personally reply and you can discuss where to go from there with no obligation.