The Ancient Art of Acupuncture

There's plenty to read on the internet about the ancient Chinese art of acupuncure - and there's no doubt that practiced correctly by a qualified practicioner it can really help with a number of ailements that conventional medicine just can't.


Acupuncture treatment consists of the insertion of ultra fine needles into one or a number of points around the body.


It goes without saying that the needles used by Lucy are both sterile and disposable so rest assured that needles are used only once and then safetly disposed of.


It often looks worse than it is and for those of 'us' that don't like needles will testify, normally you will not feel the needle being inserted at all but if you do, it will be certainly be no more than a tiny pinprick and there are no lasting marks and blood is not drawn.  


Some people experience relief from pain and stiffness after just one session, for others depending upon the severity of the injury a longer course of treatment may be necessary.


What have you got to lose - in many cases TCM can provide relief from many painful issues that conventional medicne as failed to help.