Iain (ex Somerset cricketer) - Sutton Coldfield.
I had years of pain in my Achilles' tendons, in fact since I played wicket keeper for Somerset CC juniors. Years of on off physio made no difference, then on one particularly bad day I came out of Waitrose and saw the sign for Herbs of China and a smaller sign for acupuncture, I went straight in met Lucy and in one course of treatment she managed to do what traditional medicine had failed to deliver in 20 years. I no longer suffer from nagging pain... It's a miracle!
Thanks lucy x



Adriann - Sutton Coldfield.

In 2003 whilst in Austria I suffered a skiing accident whereby I damaged my lower back. In the UK I visited my GP who diagnosed that I had caused soft tissue damage, he prescribed anti inflammatory drugs and recommended that I continued to exercise.  For the next four years I went back and forth to the doctors on countless occasions each time prescribed heavier painkillers until eventually whilst on holiday in Thailand I was unable to walk. I was taken to a local hospital where I was put into traction and told that I had a slipped disc, possibly two, and that the condition was long standing. 
I returned to the UK and reported the diagnosis to my GP who told me that it wasn't possible that I had a slipped disc and that doctors in places like Thailand were all "quacks".
After months of being unable to walk I was eventually diagnosed as having lost the disc at L4L5; lost because the disc had broken down so severely it had disappeared and both vertebrae were fusing together, I was told that I would need surgery and that it was a difficult and potentially dangerous procedure, my painkillers were increased now I was using Fentanyl patches a morphine derivative, to which I would later become addicted.
I lived a miserable existence for over a year whilst the accepted 'medical professionals' considered what to do; nothing seems to happen fast in the NHS world unless you have a self-inflicted problem.

Then one day a friend of mine who previously suffered from an Achilles' tendon injury suggested I visit Lucy at Herbs of China as she had cured him of his ailment that had plagued him for over twenty years. 


I visited Lucy and although cynical of alternative medicine I had to give it a try as I was in so much pain. She told me that I didn't need an operation and I didn't need painkillers, and that she could stop the pain permanently. I stopped the Fentanyl patches which I went 'cold Turkey' for a week (not pleasant) and she started me on a course of acupuncture and massage. That was several years ago, I am pain free and living a normal life; this year I spent five days canoeing in Utah, and mountain biking in Canada, something unimaginable just a short time ago.
I owe Lucy a great debt of gratitude, she has really given me my life back.
Thank you Lucy!



William - Four Oaks.

I have had on going lower back problems for a number of years (like 20!) and had tried chiropractors and sports massages over this time, to try and help.  Of course conventional medicine was my first stop but it could only supply pain killers to mask the problem until quite by chance I was passing the Herbs of China shop and decided to pop in and have a chat to Lucy.  She was very helpful and informative and said she could definitely help me once I had explained the problem and she'd had a look.  I was a little sceptical at first but had nothing to lose - now I'm so glad I went!  It doesn't hurt at all and within a few sessions I could certainly feel a positive difference and now I only need the occasional treatement to keep the problem at bay.  I'd definitley recommend Lucy and alternative medicine.


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