The history of Chinese Herbal medicine stretches back over more than 5,000 years.


It is based on the concept of Qi, the life force or energy which flows around the body and regualtes your health by maintaining harmony, balance and order.  It is believed that any blockage in the flow of Qi around the body or any imbalances of yin and yang, two opposite forces may result in illness and disease if not rectified.  


Traditional Chinese Medicine is as concerned with the prevention of ill health as it is with healing illness and disease.  And treatment is often based on understanding the signs and symptoms reflecting any imbalance in the body and treating the underlying condition as much as the symptoms.


Herbs are prescribed either singularly or more commonly as a formula which takes into account the individual theraputic action of each herb as well as the effects when combined together.  The herbal formula is mixed to the needs of the individual so that it  as closely as possible it treats their condition considering all the external factors.  As the individuals condition changes and improves over time, so is the formula adjusted.


Traditionally chinese herbs are boiled as a tea or soup to extract the essence of the herbs, which is then drunk by the patient. Many people find the herbs taste a little bitter (at best) and are generally not considered pleasant to taste.  If this is the case then honey can be added as a natural sweetner and it is accepted that the benefits of the medicine far outweigh the bitter taste.